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My Baby Wellbeing offers an holistic approach to your new baby’s health, wellbeing and development.

Our classes are taught by an experienced trained teacher in Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology. These three core holistic practises provide a great opportunity to bond with your baby whilst boosting their immune system and aiding with digestive problems as well as building strength in the core and spine and working on their co ordination and Moro reflexes.

The courses provide a special one to one time where you can relax and have fun interacting with your baby.

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Baby Yoga / Massage

Join us for our fun and friendly 50-minute Baby Yoga / Massage classes, all set to music and familiar nursery rhymes that you and your baby can enjoy singing along to! Our courses are based on Hatha Yoga the Balance of Body and Mind… 

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a fantastic way to learn to communicate with your new baby. Touch is baby’s first language and through massage you can start the bonding and attachment process that will be the beginning of building a loving and secure relationship…

Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is an holistic treatment used to treat your baby from top to toe. Baby Reflexology techniques are specifically used to boost baby’s immune system  and to calm their nervous system, helping them to sleep more peacefully…

About Me

I am Maureen and have been working in early learning development classes involving all sensory activities for the last eight years. 

I have always believed in the holistic approach to keeping our bodies balanced and healthy and 6 years ago I studied baby massage and its benefits and have been offering private classes ever since.  I then went on to qualify as a Baby Reflexologist and now offer this excellent top-to-toe treatment for new babies, either together with Baby Massage or as a stand alone treatment.  

I have always used  yoga as a way of building strength and flexibility In my own body and thought it would be an excellent activity to compliment my other holistic treatments.  The yoga focuses on a variation of yoga moves for the  baby yogis with breathing and stretching for parents. 

I absolutely enjoy teaching parents the practices that I offer and truly believe in the benefits it gives their new babies.

Top-to-toe treatment

Baby Reflexology

Fun time with your baby!

Baby Yoga

A Bonding Experience

Baby Massage

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